We help homeless, aging and ill dogs commonly known as "un-adoptables". These dogs came into the system homeless and afraid. Having given their lives and love to their people, they were ultimately abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Under the old standards they would have been euthanized due to lack of room to house them and the costs of their medical needs. That's where we come in....

We love them and think they deserve to spend the last part of their lives loved and comfortable!

These dogs are homeless and have no where else to turn. We help them as much as we can to keep their dignity, health and quality of life.

They have indoor kennels with heat and air conditioning and each has their own Kuranda bed with blankets so they are comfortable. During the day they have outdoor kennels in the shade so they can enjoy the fresh air! We have large fenced play areas so they all get turns playing and running.

We do not accept owner surrenders.

75 Gold Nugget Lane,  Cleveland, GA

 (706) 865-7452
 (706) 892-9993

"SANG" is dedicated to finding homes for homeless dogs that would otherwise be euthanized.  We educate the
public about the importance of  spaying and neutering and assist other animal rescues in their efforts. 
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are tax deductible!
Shep is one of our SANG tuary dogs!
SANG is no longer an adoption center but we strongly encourage you to adopt from White County Animal Control! They have limited space so the sooner they get a home the better! They have beautiful dogs and cats for adoption!
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Save The Animals of NE Georgia
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