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We have wonderful pets for adoption 
that have been rescued and saved from 
being abused, neglected or euthanized.

We're their last hope!

All our pets have been heartworm tested, wormed, shots, spayed or neutered and medically treated!

When you adopt a pet from us you save 2 dogs lives...the one you adopt and the one who takes it's place.  As soon as we have an empty kennel, we rescue
 another dog!

75 Gold Nugget Lane,  Cleveland, GA

 (706) 865-7452
 (706) 892-9993

Please call for an appointment 

We are all volunteers ...
we don't  have a full time staff...

"SANG" is dedicated to finding homes for homeless dogs that would otherwise be euthanized.  We educate the
public about the importance of  spaying and neutering and assist other animal rescues in their efforts. 
Save The Animals 
of NE Georgia
A non-profit Corporation
501(c)(3) approved
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We house quite a few dogs that are not on Petfinder.com...they are very old or have terminal illnesses. We are committed to making the rest of their lives happy and comfortable and they can stay here as long as they need to. We love them dearly! We are presenting the SANG-tuary to make people aware of these wonderful dogs and their stories. 
We are starting a new Sponsor Program where people can sponsor one of our "Special Kids" with a small monthly donation or a one time donation in a dog of your choices honor. For many of these dogs their lives at SANG is the best they ever had it! They were previously hungry, cold and unloved. Here they have food, dog treats, warm blankets in their large indoor kennels, play mates and a lot of love!! And we are happy to do it! However we need your help to continue on this level. Obviously our special needs kids have more vet bills and medications to pay for. Thank you for all your support!  Together we can do this!
Stay tuned ..we are adding a whole new page for a SANG-tuary pets!
Meet Possum! He's been with us a while. He was in pretty bad shape when he came here but he's doing very well now.  He's about 14 years old and is very comfortable here!
Ty got a
 wonderful home!
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are tax deductible!
Oreo's new 
mommy & daddy!
A typical day at 
Contributed by Desiree Childs
Pictures and video clips of some of the dogs from SANG Animal Rescue & Gold N Gem Grubbin located in Cleveland, GA. 
Volunteers pictured: Madison and Christian.
Photography and editing by Desiree Childs. 
Thanks Desiree 
for the great video!
Shep is one of our SANG tuary dogs!